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Why You Need Intensive Therapy Retreats

Jan 2

You need immediate intervention whenever your marriage is in distress to get things on the right track. In such instances, the best intervention can only come from an Intensive Trauma Therapy Retreat, not a weekly therapy session.

At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we offer customized intensive therapy upon request. Our program is tailor-made to change the momentum in your marriage through an immediate solution.

Here we highlight why an intensive therapy retreat is the best compared to a weekly therapy session.

Shorter Recovery Time

An intensive Trauma Healing Retreat is your best match if you need a quick solution. Usually, the program offers relief within days, not years, like in a weekly session. For this reason, you should gear up for eight sessions daily, each taking 45-50 minutes.

Minimal Time Wastage

Intensive Therapeutic Retreats maximize time between sessions. Each day, you’ll have maximum attention from your therapist to help you recover. There are also health breaks to help you refresh between the sessions. However, you will not experience a sudden shutdown of sessions due to unexplained reasons.

 Science-backed Techniques

Are you looking for science-backed therapy for your emotional trauma? You can find relief from Intensive Therapy. Unlike regular counseling sessions, intensive therapy rides on scientific evidence to enhance bonding with your spouse.

At Intensive Therapy Retreats, for instance, we incorporate scientific research to resolve marriage turmoil. We’ll also use expert workshops to guide you toward finding a suitable solution to your marriage.

Ongoing Healing Process

Intensive therapy is not a one-off event but an ongoing counseling session. Therefore, when you complete your sessions, we don’t end our services but provide ongoing support. Even when you return home, we will check on you to monitor your progress.

 One-on-one Assessment

An intensive therapy retreat offers a one-on-one session with a family coach or therapist. As a result, your coach will assess you and give real-time recommendations for effective healing. Similarly, you can ask questions and get instant feedback before you return home.

Learning Life Skills

An Therapy Retreat isn’t just based on solving family issues. Besides finding a solution, you’ll have a platform to learn vital life skills.

At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we understand the benefits of life skills to couples; hence incorporate them in your sessions. For instance, if you can’t control your anger, we will include anger management techniques in the sessions to boost your healing.

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