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Do I Need a Healthcare Whistleblower Attorney?

Dec 31

There are several benefits of hiring a healthcare whistleblower attorney. Healthcare whistleblowers are individuals who report evidence or have reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing within the healthcare industry. An employee of the healthcare industry can be a whistleblower. Whether you are an insider or outspoken critic, you can take legal action. Employees who report dangers to public safety and health are protected by the Federal False Claims Act. In New York, an employee can make a disclosure about a policy or practice to their supervisor or to a public body. The employee's belief must be reasonable.

First, the law gives you protection. If you report healthcare fraud, your employer is required to stop. You could be held responsible for any damages or injuries you sustained, as well as for the health and safety of the public. It is important to hire a qualified healthcare whistleblower attorney to represent you in this matter. You will be protected from any unauthorized disclosures. Keep in mind that your privacy is guaranteed.

Healthcare whistleblowers are responsible for exposing healthcare organizations' fraudulent practices. For example, the whistleblower reports that fraudulent prescription drug marketing schemes are taking place. False risk adjustment claims are another example, in which a health provider exaggerates a patient's condition to get favorable reimbursement. Healthcare fraud also includes billing for services not rendered or that were unnecessary. These whistleblowers generally report some type of upcoding.

Although it is not essential to retain a whistleblower attorney in healthcare, it is a smart idea. Hiring an attorney has many benefits. The attorneys at Nolan, Auerbach & White have recovered more than $2 billion in damages from healthcare providers. These attorneys can also help you avoid expensive Qui Tam lawsuits, and establish effective internal monitoring processes. While healthcare whistleblowers often reap substantial rewards, there are always risks.

If you have knowledge of a healthcare provider, you can file a qui tam lawsuit or a healthcare whistleblower suit. False Claims Act provides protection for the federal government and allows individuals to receive rewards. This protects both the government and the employees. The compensation is between 15% and 25% of the total damages. The benefits of a qui tam claim can be substantial.

In addition to federal and state laws, healthcare whistleblowers are also protected under New York state law. The Stark Law prohibits doctors from self-referring patients to their relatives and business companies. This type of practice typically involves supply, diagnostic, or therapeutic services. Any healthcare provider can be held responsible for illegal activity. The statute also protects patients who refuse to cooperate.

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